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Kevin Spacey and Joan Severance in Wiseguy

Kevin portrayed Mel Profitt in the 1980's television show Wiseguy. Mel was the head of an international crime organization. The following is a list of Kevin's episodes in the second half of the first season.

International Drug Ring

Independent Operator - airdate: January 4, 1988 - This installment of the Profitt "arc" introduces us to Mel and his sister Susan. Joan Severance is Susan Profitt.

Fascination for the Flame - January 11, 1988 

Smoky Mountain Requiem - January 18, 1988

Player To be Named Now - January 25, 1988

Merchant of Death - February 1, 1988

Not For Nothing - February 8, 1988

The Squeeze - February 15, 1988

Blood Dance - February 22, 1988

Phantom Pain - March 14, 1988 (Kevin isn't in this one, but his character's "arc" finishes with this episode.

Episode names and dates taken from EPI-LOG, Issue #32, July 1993.

EPI-LOG - The Television Magazine of Science Fiction, Fantasy, Comedy, Drama, and Adventure. 

Magazine contains the full synopsis of each episode plus more pictures of Joan Severance, Ken Wahl, Ray Starkey and William Russ. Sadly only the one picture with Kevin Spacey.


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