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Stage door pics by Matt Phillips
 August 27, 2005 (after the matinee performance

Phones that take pictures. Who would have ever imagined?   Like the way my hat matches my jeans and jacket?   Wow! A Crowd. usually there are only about 3 people waiting!

Stage door pics by Su
September 3, 2005

I'll need to see your passport.  Wouldn't it be funny if I signed it 'Russell Crowe'?I hate having to write tickets. But the law's the law.There's a free car wash with a fill up.   

Closing night. An emotional day.   Hot flash?   Big shoes, skinny ankles.

Stage door pics by Fan
August 25-27, 2005

Let's see.. new tommy gun, moll, milk, a dozen eggs... Actress in back: "His fans get scarier every day!"  Kevin models the new US Post Office "LateSummer 2005" uniform.  Clooney could only dream of looking this good in a hat.

Stage door pics by Marie
August 20, 2005

current play, next playsigning autographs Let's see.. K-e-v-i-n

What was that? Hat's on backwards! Kevin Spacey's hair and ear.Does he ever look at himself in the mirror after he puts on these hats?

Hmmm. Isn't anyone going to tell me they like my hat? What?? Why do I always have to hold the door open? Doesn't anyone know who I am?

Huh? When I crinkle my nose, it makes my dimple show. Do you wants fries with that? Dimple, scar, birthmark, too-close razor shave, gray sideburns, hair growing in, backwards hat.

profile Hark! Who goes there? This is a swan's head. Stay calm, there's enough of me to go around.

Stage door pics by Su
August 20, 2005

matinee Kevin    signing, signing    snappy dresser

I see sideburns.   You talkin to me?

Stage door pics by Emma (Ireland)
August 11, 2005

August 11, 2005  Photo by Emma   another pic by Emma

Stage door pics by Jen (UK)
June 10, 2005

Purple sweater  more purple  What's this?  more purple

Stage door pics by Marie -
June 10, 2005:

  Kevin in darkness  Kevin in b/w  out the door   

Why does he need a hat at night?  Like my turtleneck?  May I take your order?

June 11, 2005:

Afternoon -

Stage door by Marie  pin stripe   smiling  There's someone standing behind you!

   hat buckles!  Who's that guy in the back?  The giant hand!  You want my *autograph*?

No pushing. There's enough for everybody.  Using the door.   Thank you for coming. Good day.

Evening - 

night light  look to the left.  Look to the right.  Look over the hair.

nice smile   A litle bit of Jennifer Ehle too.

Stage door pics by Robin.
June 2, 2005

Wanna take my picture?   look to the left    Look to the right.

Stage door pics by Spacey fan Sue and her husband. 
May 14, 2005:

new hat?   Thanks to Sue.   How do you spell that?

Profile!  Kevin and Sue.   Someone left a heart on his neck.

Huh?   K-e-v...   profile

I'm serious. They're making me wear the hats.Old Vic in the daytime.

Opening night party. May 10, 2005:

Kevin at opening night party. May 10, 2005    From Getty Images Kevin and Jennifer Ehle

This was taken by Spacey fan Marie:

Thanks to Marie.

Stage door night shots by Spacey fan Dacey:

           TPS thanks to Dacey  another Kevin!  Thanks to Dacey  tweed hat?  

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