Biting The Big Apple


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May 8, 2007 - New York City

I can't believe I'm here! Smell the city! Now, if only someone would take me out of her purse so I can breathe!!

Phew. That's better. I'm exhausted. Those shuttles are draining. No one offered me any peanuts. OK. Where to first? I need to have my whiskers fluffed and my ears perked and I think my chest hair flattened out when you put the magazines on top of me. When do we go to the theater? You'll need to take a bottle of water in case I get thirsty and maybe a package of crackers in case I get hungry and some hard candies in case I need something sweet. Crinkle, crinkle (KevieBear laughs at his own jokes, as he tends to do)! I still think we'd better go buy me some new clothes. Once the press finds out I'm going to be at the theater, security won't be able to handle the crush of photographers. 

KevieBear with Laura's ticket to Wicked.

What do you mean we aren't going tonight? You have other plans? You say that like you're going somewhere without me. 

You are?! You'd leave me here all alone?? There's something wrong with that plan if you ask me. 

May 11, 2007 - 

KevieBear has been stuck in the hotel due to security reasons for the past 3 days. His efforts to reach his editor have failed. But tonight he gets to party with Spacey friends of the nice lady from Pennsylvania. Unfortunately, KevieBear never could hold his liquor. He's lost the picture on his ID tag, he can't stand up and now feels the urge to sing.

This is fun! Everybody sing!!

Fly me to the moooooon and watch me on the river with my huckleberries and call me irresponsible toooooooo....

KevieBear in a drunken stupor.

Alrighty Spacey friends, what's the plan for tomorrow? This is going to be the culnimation, I mean the columation, I mean the end of my life's journey to meet my idol... uh... Kevin ... Kevin ... my idol Kevin. I've dreamed of this day for years. And now, my dream is within my grasp. 

Let's sing again.

To dream the impossible dreeeeeam and Dulcinea turns the tilting windmiiiiiiill and those vagabonds are turning bluuuuuue.


 KevieBear Goes BAT-ty


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