Fly Away Little Bear


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May 7, 2007

The nice lady has told KevieBear she is going to New York City to meet with other Kevin Spacey fans and to attend the play ‘A Moon for the Misbegotten’. Afterward, they hoped to see Kevin at the stage door of the theater and take pictures and get autographs. He offers her a great big KevieBear bear hug!


I can’t believe I’m going to New York City to see my idol, Kevin Spacey! This is the most exciting thing that has ever happened to me. When are we leaving? Where are we staying? We’re flying First Class, right? I hope you got seats in the first row of the theater. My nose bleeds if I have to sit farther back than that. Let’s check the web for accommodations and tickets.

KevieBear looks for a hotel.   KevieBear looks for tickets.   KevieBear with Laura's ticket.

We’re getting a 3 bedroom suite, right? And room service. Have to have room ser…. Have I contacted my editor yet? What’s an editor?

KevieBear was so excited that he forgot he was supposed to be going to New York City on an undercover assignment.

I completely forgot about that! Well, I’ve never abandoned an assignment in the years I’ve been an investigative reporter and I won’t start (cough, cough), do you have a glass of water? My throat is dry. As I was saying, I won’t start n-n-n .. WHERE CAN I BUY ARMANI???? WHAT IF KEVIN SPACEY WANTS TO HAVE HIS PICTURE TAKEN WITH ME?? THIS COULD BE HIS ONLY CHANCE!!! WHAT IF HE WANTS TO GIVE ME HIS AUTOGRAPH?? I CAN'T WEAR THESE DUSTY CLOTHES TO THE THEATER! What do you mean my clothes are just going to get rumpled anyway when I go through airport security in your carry-on bag? Weren't we going to buy me a new set of luggage and go shopping for new sweaters?


KevieBear resigns himself to traveling to New York City in someone else’s suitcase and tries not to think about what will happen when his editor realizes his assignment has been tossed aside for frivolous reasons.

KevieBear waits to be squashed into the suitcase.


KevieBear Takes a Bite of the Big Apple


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